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Chinese Airlines Refuse To Pay Carbon Tax

Airlines in China have warned they will refuse to pay a new European Union tax aimed at cutting carbon emissions. The Airlines said they had deep concerns over the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which came into force on New year's Day and demands all airlines pay a green duty to offset carbon emissions.

China had opposed the EU's unilateral legislation. China has expressed to the European Union that they deep concern and opposition many times on a bilateral level. Mr Hong urged Brussels to hold urgent talks with airlines over the controversial carbon allowance scheme, which has also met strong opposition from other countries. Scoot Airlines China Honk Kong Beijing Guangzhou Taipei Xiamen

The China Airlines Transport Association was scoot airlines booking more militant in its response, declaring its members would not co-operate with the ETS and refuse to pay the added tax. They also added they will seek legal action and try and attempt to form an international alliance to scrap the scheme.

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