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Scoot Airline, the budget low cost carrier from Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched it's new long to medium haul budget carrier namely "Scoot", with it's first inaugural flight from Singapore to Sydney 13:53:58.


Scoot Airlines is to offer inflight internet access among the attractions, tasty meals, friendly staff and most importantly budget air tickets. Scoot planes are operated in two-class configurations, Economy and ScootBiz. As of August 2012 Scoot Airlines has four Boeing 777-200ERs. Scoot's initial fleet was acquired from its parent carrier (SIA) and reconfigured with a new coloured seating layout and modified jet engines.

Publishing Date: 21 May 2024 Search News Update: *Scoot Airlines to bring Boeing 787 Dreamliners to Gold Coast and Sydney * Scoot and Nok Airways are taking one key step forward in their plans to set up NokScoot, a low-cost budget carrier based in Bangkok. Scoot Promo Code Insider voucher 2019 20% SF promotion Tuesday SG | Singapore Airways said in a statementon Friday that the two partners have agreed on the final structure of the joint-partnership LLC carrier airline. Scoot Airways flight schedule, the low cost arm of Singapore Airways mentioned on Monday it will begin flying to Seoul Korea in June,  Scoot Airways a good move that could further spruce up competition in one of the world's biggest growing travel markets. Scoot Airline is over the moon to be the first budget airline to travel between Seoul and Singapore, and between Seoul and Taipei.


Information from the low cost carrier mentioned they planned to charge passengers for using wi-fi services to access the internet via laptops, tablet computers and smartphones. It was also announced that onboard Scoot Airline flights, they were considering the feasibility of renting out portable devices for inflight entertainment. Scoot Airlines Singapore is still in the initial stage of expansion. Their destination routes are growing rapidly and this carrier could be the next best thing since sliced bread. It's a breath of fresh air. The Airline indusrty is a tough gig, expecially setting up a low cost brand will have to work vigoursly to keep on top of the pile as competition is fearce in Asia.


Scoot Airline will be using wide bodied, double aisle aircraft to ply medium and long-haul routes within one year. The new carrier is expected to compete directly with AirAsiaX flights, the long haul affiliate of Malaysian low budget airline AirAsia and British tycoon Richard Branson's Virgin Group. AirAsiaX travels to several destinations including London, Taipei, Tianjin, Tehran, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta, Berlin, Bangkok, Phuket and a number of cities in China and India, news article published Date: Tuesday 21 May 2024 .


Singapore Airlines (SIA ) already has a short-haul, full-service unit called Silk Air, which travels to tourist destinations in Asia and has a stake in Asian budget carrier Tiger Airways. Another entrant into the LCC in Asia is Malindo Airlines by Lion Air which is set to enter into the market in March of 2013 ( update: Malindo air to rebranded as Batik Air Malaysia. With so many LCC's in Asia it's only good news for travellers, as price wars can benefit consumers. The question is, who will last, who will have market share and which LCC will go belly up.

One whole year has passed since soot airlines took the skies and with-in this year the carrier has carried over 550,000 passengers and still counting. It is fair to say the airline is well on it's way to achieving targets and holding it's ground in the competitve travel market. Scoot Airlines is with-in reach of achieving 1.5 million travellers with-in a shorter framework of time. The carrier has closed partnership deals with other airlines such as Tiger and it's own parent airline (SIA) to extend it's routes and destinations. Malindo airlines is set to take on Scoot.


Singapore Airlines confirmed on 24 October 2012 that the twenty 787 Dreamliners currently on order would be transferred to Scoot Airlines to support it's growth and expansion plans. Scoot airlines is expected to serve destinations flights in Australia , New Zealand, Europe, Japan, China, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, Italia, and the United States.

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